Thursday, February 28, 2013

Damian's Pappa Murphy's Fundraiser

Calling all pizza lovers!  Damian has launched his fundraiser for his 20-day Boy Scout adventure to the 2013 National Jamboree in West Virginia this summer.  He's under the gun with his big deadline on April 1st, so we thought we'd bring out a crowd pleaser -- pizza!

We settled on the Pappa Murphy fundraiser cards (not to be confused with Pappa John's).  We've always been a fan of their pizzas, especially with the take and bake model because you get a lot more pizza for your buck, with lots of toppings and higher quality ingredients.

These cards are really a great deal.  For only $10 it comes with a free large 1-topping pizza right out of the gate (most Papa Murphy's charge 10 for a large one topping pizza), plus over 30% off with the other coupons on the card. The great part is these cards work for the Pappa Murphy's chains around the country.

To order a card simply shoot me an e-mail with your address (fundraiser at theearlfamily dot com).


  1. Is this still going on?

  2. Sorry I missed your comment. Although you already know from having talked to Damian in person, I'll post it for others: Yes, this is still going on. Damian is currently planning on fundraising until May 1st, but he may even be doing more in May.