Thursday, March 14, 2013

3 Lg Pizzas for $20 with Damian's Fundraiser

Damian has received an extension on his fundraising efforts to attend the BSA National Jamboree, so if you like pizza, you've got more time to get a great deal!

Updated details with a new bonus price for multiple card orders:
1 Pappa Murphy's pizza card (comes with a free large pizza) is $10
3 Pappa Murphy's pizza cards (so that is three large pizzas) is only $20

We also discovered that even though the cards say you can only use one coupon per visit, every Pappa Murphy's we have been to has allowed us to use as many coupons as we wanted -- with the only limit of one coupon per pizza.  So when we go for pizza, we usually use three or four cards because we have so many pizza lovers in our home.

Do the cards have an expiration date?
A: Great news -- there is no expiration date!

Where are the cards good for?
A: All Pappa Murphy's locations across the country.

How do I place an order with Damian?
A: You can e-mail McKay: mckay at theearlfamily dot com or send a text: 48o 268 o34four.   If you live close to us, we will drive the cards to your house. If you live out of state we will mail them and you can in turn send us a check.

How many cards can I buy?
A: There is no limit on the amount of cards you can buy.

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