Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hailstone Reunion

 The joy of family!  There are 40 of us and counting for the Hailstone family bunch and we are proud of it!  There is nothing like just beginning together, I love reunions.
 This is Essie and her cousin Heidi, so cute!
 We are all about to play base ball and thought it would be fun to line and in height for fun.  Base ball was a tradition growing up in my home.  We never played cards really just ball and races it seemed.  I hit a home run and ran around four months pregnant!  WooHoo! 
 You always got to have a three legged race at every reunion.
 Another tradition we experience was The Great Scavenger Hunt.  My mother seems to put these together for one reason or another.  She would have you going all over town and doing the craziest things.  So split up in three groups and race!  I was at the Cougar Stadium in a grass hat and skirt waiting to give the next assignment of singing a cheer as loud as they could and than get the next clue.  Uncle Marty's group won but some say it helped a lot that he grew up and lives in this area.  McKay raced Uncle Brian for second!
 Scrabble of course, and always hearing from somebody "that is too a word" and "get the dictionary".
 Aunt Shannon, baby Nellie, Ruth's last baby, and Essie holding up her egg in a bag that later we dropped from the roof of the Sipes to see who's would survive, yes another classic tradition.
McKay and Rulon making something...
 I had to include this picture...we ended one evening with having grand kids tell us something about Utah and Damian chose the Ute Indians.  He talked for about 10 plus minutes with this look on his face, not forgetting any detail he had studied.  He is so cute and intense!  Happy reunion--we are in charge of this years.

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