Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gibert LDS Temple

"This is the place" were Brigham Young's famous words for the spot of where the building of the historic Salt Lake City Temple would be built.  So "this is the place" where the Gilbert, AZ, LDS Temple will be built.  It is about 12 minutes from our home and we thought we would take a picture of the ground before and after it is built.  In two years we will have the after photo.

 This is at the actual ground breaking ceremony.  We all attended and felt very honored to be part of such an event.  We know great blessing will come to this area because of the "House of the Lord".

 Here is a picture of what it will look like when it is done in less than two years.

 Lots of people get a turn to "break the ground" with these pretty shovels.

Jeffrey was hot and mostly stayed on the ground in the shade.  It was funny to see everyone come in their warm Sunday clothes, because it was in November, but the high was still 85 degrees.  Us Arizonians can only wear our cute sweaters and boots for a couple short months.

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