Thursday, February 18, 2010

"We Make History" Civil War training

"We Make History" is a none profit that holds all types of American history balls and battles that the whole family can get involved in.  We are wanting to sign up and get some costumes for acting but mostly we just love to go and watch them bring history to life!  They are ten years old and do tons all over AZ including a large, thousands come, history fair in the fall.

We went to a civil war battle and they let all the kids learn by having a battle and fireside afterward in the fashion the soldiers would have had after battles and at their camps.  They are Christian, not any denomination, we just loved our experience with them.
Essie playing "Mouse Trap"

Damian getting instruction from his Captain

The kids at full charge against the parents

Essie was chosen to be the General of the last battle, she was pretty proud

Rulon and Jeffrey loved shooting everyone

They taught the kids some pretty intense march drills and learning to follow orders!
At the end we had a little testimony meeting and sang some hymns.  It was a great experience to be 
a part of the community outside of our normal church group and make friends.


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