Thursday, February 18, 2010

LEMI Training

Home-Schooling has never been so exciting!  There are so many "trains" to jump on that you never feel alone or lost as you press forward through the hills and valleys of raising a family in this intimate way.  I just love Home-Schooling for so many reasons but I would be lying if I didn't say it is the hardest challenge I have ever tried to accomplish.  I am so grateful for wonderful Home-School groups, higher education training, so many families that have done it that I can learn from, books and my favorite Leadership Education seminars centered on true principles of great education.  LEMI is one of them.  LEMI stands for Leadership Education Mentoring Institute.  I just loved the class I attended...can you tell!
Brenda, one of the trainers

Anelodee, She is one of the founders

Austin, a sweet friend of mine came along!
When I came home I of course was tired and full of stories and thoughts to share with my family
but normally I come home and the kids are missing me and needing Mom again.  This was one
of the longest training I have ever been to, two all day long classed.  But I came home and the
kids with McKay were dressed in their "fancy" clothes and had made me a candlelight dinner!
They massaged my feet and wouldn't let me clean up!  Thank you so much McKay and kids.

I love being a Mom!

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