Sunday, December 4, 2011

Esther's EVMCO Christmas Concert

Esther performed in her first EVMCO (East Valley Mormon Choral Organization) Christmas concert.  It was such a great experience for Esther and for our family.  Damian loved it so much that he is signed up for the next semester.
Summer and Suzzie dressed up to help backstage

The new Mesa Arts Center
Rulon with Grandpa Earl

Update Dec 2012: Both of the MCO choirs (there's another one in Orange County) released a Christmas CD.  I have to say that this is my favorite Christmas CD of all time (I'm not really partial, because both Damian and Esther were included in the recording -- but even still, it's amazing music!).

On their web site, they have links to itunes or Amazon.  I love #8 -- Jesús Nasciera (Ríu, Ríu, Chíu).  Incredible!

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  1. Oh McKay how proud your Grandma Esther is. How she must have been there watching and loving those lovely children.