Thursday, December 30, 2010

Utah Trip Fun

 Of course lots of our family, my side, all live in Utah.  except for Great Grandpa Hansen, McKay's Grandfather.  Grandpa with Damian and Essie.  He is almost 90 years old and so much fun.
 Here is Grandpa Hansen's fish pound in the back yard, isn't it beautiful with all those lily pads.  He is a master gardener and can build anything.  Damian fell in the pound that day, everyone says he was the first grandson to fall in and Grandpa always wondered who would be the first.  Way to go Damian.
 Damian with his cousin Dan, who is 13 now and Joseph or Jo-Jo who is 7.
 Rulon up in the Heber mountains.  We all played where the trees were full of Autumn colors and picked a bunch to press in books to later take back home.   
 We always go to Leatherby's Ice Cream Parlor right down the street where I grew up in Taylorsville, Utah.  It is the best ice cream on earth and I am not kidding.  The taste gets better every time we go back.  We got one big sundae, 1/2 a gallons amount and each of us picked our favorite topping.  Jeffrey liked the cheese fries more than the ice cream, I think.  Just talking about it makes me wish I was there!

 A funny picture of us in front of the LDS Salt Lake Temple, isn't is beautiful, no one could do anything like a smile we all felt like being silly.
This is Damian giving some two hundred dollars he collected to give to someone in need.  He had been keeping it for the past few months not knowing who to give it to.  Than the night before we left I got this e-mail that one of my dear friends' daughter was going in for special treatments and they were raising money because their insurance did not cover the treatments.  When I told him about it he knew right away this is where the money should go.
Rulon at the the Lion House, Brigham Young's home in Utah.  It is quite the tour.  His wife Lucy made 24 loaves of bread and 24 pies each day.  Wow!  As busy as a bee, BUZZZZZZZZ!

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