Thursday, December 30, 2010

Earl Christmas Party!

Jeffrey with his cousin Stephen who is three years old.
 Essie and her cousin Gordon riding the skidders together.
 Daddy and Rulon running and chasing each other outside.
 Me, Laura, and Julie together!  Julie and I our pregnant so we thought we would sandwich Laura.
 Handsome and beautiful Grandpa and Grandma hosting the Christmas party!
 Some of the children getting ready to perform the Nativity for us adults.
 Essie playing Mary, the mother of the Christ child with her cousin Joseph playing Joseph.
 Damian performing the Drummer boy for all of us, it was so inspirational!
 Essie singing "Oh Christmas Tree" for all of us, she did perfectly!
 Grandma told us the story of Grandpa during the depression and how poor his family was and one Christmas all Grandpa got was a chair for the table, it was really for everyone and it always made him so sad but he never complained.  Grandma has decided to display it in her house to honor him and help us remember to always be grateful!  We all went around taking pictures with Grandpa Hansen to remember this tearful story.
Grandma did a really cute lunch bag filled with yummy food for all of us this year and we sat around outside and ate together it was a blast!  What a wonderful Christmas party!!!

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