Thursday, June 3, 2010

Damian is NINE!

Damian has turned nine and we are so happy to have him as our oldest!  He is a great leader in our home.
 HE is about six months old here!
He loves to study anything about military operations and the history of warfare.  He is gifted in art, namely drawings with the pencil, and he loves to think!
He is willing to try new things all the time which is always so much fun!
He loves to hike anything, riding his bike anywhere, and organize groups of people into clubs or service projects!  This past year he had a Chess and Basket ball club and put together some special welfare projects.
He is almost always building something or thinking of what he wants to build next.  He has become quite the master with swords he has probably made around 50 this past year.
We know he will keep dreaming and become all that his Father in Heaven is needing him to become.

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  1. NINE! What! He is growing up so quickly. And what a handsome and talented little man! LOVE YOU DAMEO!