Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Easter is a wonderful time of the year, in so many ways its my favorite.  The world is so fresh and everything is feeling new, sometimes I think that if I had anything to do with when the calendar started I would have picked the new year to start in spring!

What's the most important is the fact the why we are here is really all about Easter.  That Jesus Christ atoned for mankind and he did rise again.  God the Father really did send his son and make this beautiful plan of happiness for all who seek it.  I love his plan and his son and this is why I am here and do all that I do.

We painted some hard boiled eggs and hide them for the kids and than watch General Conference, a bi-annual world wide church meeting for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.  Totally awesome!  We played and ate at McKay's parents house.
We all had fun painting and learning from "Palm Sunday" to Easter Sunday what happened each day to our Savior and those who where apart of the scene.

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