Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeffrey

So my baby is two and I can't believe it.  Jeffrey holds up his two fingers and says "me two" and he really is two.  What I mean by that is all of the sudden he looks all grown up.  He wears his big boy shoes and his whole appearance changed.

So we did something different but wonderful we had Jeffrey at home, yes a home birth.  To be honest after experiencing a home birth I wish all women could have this experience.  We had the best doctor/mid-wife she has been delivering babies at home for 24 years.  She is the calm of a storm she never seems stressed or nervous or even bossy just completely confident and relaxed.  In fact most of her work comes in with all the prenatal care.  She put me on a special diet and exercise program and had me reading many books on how to have a healthy baby, I learned so much.  Due to all this, and much more, prenatal care she has only had to transport to the hospital a dozens times or so, that's pretty amazing for any doctor.  She lets your body do its best and is close by if you need assistance but really its just quite peaceful and simple.  

But personally I gained the most from the experience.  I had never felt better being pregnant or post delivery and I had some special moments that made me grown in some personal ways that I will be forever grateful for.  Anyway Jeffrey is two and I just love being his mommy! 

Jeffrey and Ella at Disney Land.  Jeffrey is about two months and Ella, his cousin, is three months.

Essie and Jeffrey!

Damian and Jeffrey!

Jeffrey and Rulon!  Happy Birthday Jeffrey!  We love you.

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  1. Time flies!! He is such a cutie pie. Can't wait to be able to hang out with him and all of you guys TONS very soon!!!
    Loves :)